ALGLAS™ antistatic Visial™ wet/dry wipes have 30+ approvals from major OEM’s and have been in use by leading European and International airlines since 1987.

Visial and RCBA aeropsace cleaning wipes are “Approved to Boeing Document D6-7127” and Airbus Industrie G.I.E. AMS1535.

All users within the aerospace cleaning industry, whether line maintenance cleaners, radar operators, or flight crews, are assured of the highest standard-approved product at cost-effective prices.

ALGLAS™ Visial™ wet/dry wipes have been independently tested by Marconi Instruments who confirm a remarkable reduction in static on tested terminals from 3Kv to 2Kv and maintained for a period of 7 weeks without further application.

ALGLAS™ believes this test by an independent authority sets an authoritative and unequalled standard for the avionics and instruments aerospace cleaning industry, whether civil or military.

ALGLAS™ wet dry wipes are the high technology cleaning wipe of choice for many top Aerospace, Marine and Automotive OEM’s.

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