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Image of AGC/22 Aircraft Glass Cleaner
NATO stock number

7930-99-811-9359 (1L) | 7930-99-396-1557 (25L) | 7930-99-443-3595 (205L)

AGC/22 is a highly versatile and effective product which removes all marks and stains from both cockpit windscreens and passenger cabin windows. These include jet-efflux, fly, bug and moth debris and water repellent stains, all of which mar the clarity of the cockpit and cabin screens.

AGC/22 is an essential addition to the cleaning regime of many airlines. This is due to its powerful, but non-hazardous formulation which is easily applied and polishes to a clean finish.

Boeing and Airbus maintenance manuals include AGC/22 as a recommended aerospace product.

Packed 12 x 1 litres per carton

Primary usage

Our AGC/22 Aircraft Glass Cleaner was develeoped for the following uses but is suitable for a wide range of glass cleaning

  • Cockpit Glass Cockpit Glass
  • Cabin Glass Cabin Glass
Key Benefits

Delivering high quality cleaning solutions throughout the Aerospace Industry


Environmentally Friendly

ISO Certified

Worldwide Shipping

Key features of all our products

  • Major aerospace industry approvals, including by the FAA, Boeing and Airbus
  • A prime product to use as part of the aircraft instrument repair process
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-craze, non-scratch, non-fog
  • Excellent antistatic properties
  • Simple for crew/staff to use and easily portable
  • One-stop instrumentation cleaning solution
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Cost-effective
  • Long shelf life
Commercial aircraft cockpit


Following our trials on ALGLAS™ glass cleaner, it will now become an approved product on our aircraft cleaning materials list. I am pleased to say the reports from my staff in London were very complimentary.

There were also similar remarks from people at out-stations who had been given samples at our training seminar.

Brian Dupe, Ramp Superintendent, British Airways

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