ALGLAS was founded by Alan O’Nions in 1986

Trained as a private pilot with BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) and with a background in architectural glass and aluminium, Alan identified a need for safe and effective cleaners for glass, acrylic and other aircraft substrates.

Over many months, formulations for Algas’ first product, the Aircraft Glass Cleaner, were extensively tested. The final formulation,AGC/22, was submitted for approval to BAe Military Aircraft Division. Subsequently, AGC/22 was approved for use by Boeing, Airbus, The Thales Group, Panasonic and many other O.E.Ms.

As the company grew, more products were added to the range, including the industry-first twin wet-and-dry anti-static instrument wipe, the ALG/CR215. The ALG/RCBA anti-bacterial sanitiser allowed the cleaning of all airborne electronics and avionics and the Visial VDU anti-static mist spray reduced static build-up across system displays, radars and touch screens.

All our products deliver exceptional anti-static cleaning properties across all aircraft glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces, including flight desk avionics and instrumentation, touch screens, HUD (Heads-Up Displays), Headsets and EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System).

Significantly for these times, ALG/CR215 has been rigorously tested and shown the be highly effective in killing coronavirus.

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Our range of products have seen over 30 approvals…

…from major aircraft and equipment manufacturers, airlines and services, with organisations testifying to the safety and efficacy of all ALGLAS’ products.

Many of the world’s civil and military aviation organisations, including air traffic control services, rely on ALGLAS to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their equipment.

Our list of approvals has grown to unrivalled levels and our customer base has expanded, with EasyJet, Virgin Atlantic, the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) among our many longstanding customers.

We are proud to know that many prestigious carriers recognise the versatility and effectiveness of ALGLAS’ products.