International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001

ALGLAS is an ISO 9001 certified company

Who we are

Cleaning products of choice for our customers, worldwide for over 30 years

ALGLAS is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of industry-approved aircraft cleaning solutions. We maintain high standards in manufacture and supply and are, compliant with ISO 9001 certification and all relevant statutory regulations.

The products we provide for the aerospace industry are designed to be highly effective at keeping equipment free from dirt and static build-up. These products have received over 30 industry approvals and endorsements from major airlines, instrumentation and aircraft manufacturers across both civilian and military sectors.

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Meeting new challenges

Providing protection against SARS-CoV-2

Cleanliness and hygiene for aircrew, cabin crew and passengers have become even more important in recent times to prevent the transmission of coronaviruses as well as harmful bacteria.

ALGLAS provides unrivalled products and service to meet the high demands of the aircraft industry worldwide which is working tirelessly to make flying safe and to imbue all who fly with confidence in their own safety.

One of our most popular products, ALG/CR215 kills 99.9% of the Coronavirus strain.

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Industry approvals

The unrivalled choice of the Aerospace industry

ALGLAS has acquired major approvals from a range of prestigious organisations, including Boeing, Airbus and Thales. We believe our number of industry approvals are unrivalled. Our longstanding relationship with our customers is impressive; we have been servicing some of the industry’s largest players, most notably British Airways, for 30 years.

Our products appeal to airlines and aviation supply companies and organisations that require absolute verification of safety when applied to all aircraft substrates and their technical systems – whether metal, glass, acrylic or sealants. Every ALGLAS product is non-flammable and safe for transportation by sea, land and air.

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35 approvals


Marconi Industries tested ALGLAS' Visial on its PCs and found static was reduced from 3kv to 0.2kv and maintained for a period of 5-7 weeks without further application.


British Airways has used ALGLAS' AGC/22 cockpit and cabin glass cleaner since 1987, and ALGLAS' Visial™ CR215 sachets since 2006.


All NATS radars in the UK are cleaned with ALGLAS™ Visial and have been since 1996.


Trust our highly approved products for all your aviation cleaning needs

ALGLAS products have a NATO stock number and are manufactured in the UK. Our team are dedicated to producing high quality products, maintaining our high level of service and continuing to build the respect and trust of our customers.

Key features of all our products

  • Major aerospace industry approvals, including by the FAA, Boeing and Airbus
  • A prime product to use as part of the aircraft instrument repair process
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-craze, non-scratch, non-fog
  • Excellent antistatic properties
  • Simple for crew/staff to use and easily portable
  • One-stop instrumentation cleaning solution
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Cost-effective
  • Long shelf life
Global Distribution

Partners with global leaders in Aviation distribution

We have a global customer base, serviced by a dedicated network of international distributors. We work with organisations who pride themselves on matching the right product to their customers’ needs.

Based on regular feedback, repeat orders and longstanding customer relationships, we are confident in our products; unparalleled quality and effectiveness.

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Royal Air Force Roundel

Suppliers to UK & US Militaries

We supply a range of our products to the UK's RAF and Army for use on their fixed and rotary wing airplanes. Our products are used to clean and protect the avionics and instruments on US and Russian Air Force One Presidential flights.
F22 Military Aircraft

Delivering high quality cleaning solutions throughout the Aerospace Industry


From our long-term, happy customers

Following our trials on ALGLAS™ glass cleaner, it will now become an approved product on our aircraft cleaning materials list. I am pleased to say the reports from my staff in London were very complimentary.

There were also similar remarks from people at out-stations who had been given samples at our training seminar.

Brian Dupe, British Airways