Pilot shops, whether operating on-line or at airports and air fields, provide all this necessary equipment.

Pilot shops sell everything a pilot might need for his day-to-day airborne activities. It is so easy these days to go on line and find that elusive item, whether it is a particularly effective pair of sun glasses or a very expensive piece of equipment such as a Global Positioning System.

For all pilot supplies, the pilot shop is the first port of call. These are essential items which need effective and safe cleaners, and these are provided by ALGLAS range of highly approved cleaners.

A wealth of online choice

There are many of these pilot supply companies operating on line, and also at airports and private airfields. Increasingly, from all sources, the demand from pilots for highly approved ALGLAS aerospace cleaning products is high.

A wide range of sophisticated avionics, instruments and tranceivers are available from pilot suppliers. Having acquired his brand new, shiny instruments, the pilot obviously wishes to keep them in the same smear-free condition. ALGLAS CR215 antistatic wet/dry sachets or ALGLAS ALG/RCBA biocidal wipes will provide the ideal solution.

On-line pilot supply companies compete with each other to sell a huge range of goods and services to pilots, from headsets and helmets to palm hand-held computers and kneeboards. These items are in constant use by the pilot and need to be regularly cleaned.

Headsets, in contact with perspiration and grease from the pilot’s head, can become contaminated. ALGLAS’ ALG/RCBA biocidal wipes are a hygienic remedy and approved by leading OEM’s such as Panasonic and Rockwell Collins.

Pilot shops are convenient

It is so convenient for the pilot to shop at an on-line pilot shop. A private pilot takes a great pride in the exterior and interior of his aircraft. The cabin and cockpit glass must be immaculate, particularly in private business jets where the prestige of the company or individual is important.

ALGLAS AGC 1 litre trigger spray is the ideal choice to clean glass/acrylic surfaces in airplanes. He can call in at the pilot shop at the local airfield for immediate collection or delivery if the item is available, or check through the many on-line pilot shops for the item he needs, whether it be something to embellish the luxurious interior or updated computer software or flight manuals.

Sun glare is a problem for all pilots, with the dangers of UV-A and UV-B rays. Glasses must provide protection without distorting visible display colours, as it is essential that clarity and cleanliness are maintained. Pilot supply shops have a good choice of the most effective sun glasses.

These are expensive items and must be carefully cleaned to avoid being scratched. An effective solution to this problem is ALGLAS’ CR215 anti-static wet/dry wipes.

Helicopters, light aircraft and sail planes also need pilot supplies, and though their requirements are different to those of an airline pilot flying a Boeing 747, ALGLAS products with 33 approvals from the world’s leading Aerospace OEM’s are an essential choice.