Highly approved aerospace cleaning products for avionics and instruments

Welcome to the home of ALGLAS™ UK, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of industry-approved aircraft cleaning solutions. Our product range cleans aircraft electronics and instrumentation, avionics, cabin, cockpit glass and radar displays, keeping them free from dirt and static build-up.

  ALGLAS™ products have a NATO stock number and are manufactured in the UK. ALGLAS is an ISO 9001 certified company.

  ALGLAS™ AGC is approved to Boeing Document D6-7127 and appears in Boeing and Airbus maintenance manuals.

Marconi Industries

Marconi Industries tested Alglas’ Visial on its PCs and found static was reduced from 3kv to 0.2kv and maintained for a period of 5-7 weeks without further application.

British Airways

British Airways has used Alglas’ AGC/22 cockpit and cabin glass cleaner since 1987, and Alglas’ Visial™ CR215 sachets since 2006.

National Air Traffic Services

All NATS radars in the UK are cleaned with ALGLAS™ Visial and have been since 1996.


Industry leaders approve and use Alglas products on a daily basis.


We have more than 30 approvals from the aviation industry's major players.


Alglas products offer outstanding antistatic and antibacterial cleaning properties.


The UK and US Military

We supply a range of our products to the UK’s RAF and Army for use on their fixed and rotary wing airplanes. Our products are used to clean and protect the avionics and instruments on US and Russian Air Force One Presidential flights.

  Our Product Range

  Visial, ALG/CR215 antistatic glass cleaner. Twin wet/dry wipe.

Visial, ALG/CR215 offers exceptional antistatic cleaning on all integrated and stand-alone instrumentation, including flight deck avionics, head-up displays, night vision goggles, radar and electronic touch panels.

Visial, ALG/CR215 is effective across a wide range of glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces and removes sweat and grime build-up to restore picture quality and performance. Laboratory tests show one application of Visial ALG/CR215 reduces static by up to 90%. More information

  ALG/RCBA antibacterial sanitizer. Twin wet/dry wipe.

ALG/RCBA anti-bacterial sanitizer has been specifically developed to safely and effectively clean all airborne electronics, avionics, headsets, oxygen masks, telephones and IFES. It can used across all additional surfaces in the cockpit, cabin and galley which require sanitisation.

ALG/RCBA effectively removes sweat, grime and bacteria. In-lab testing of non-specific environment organisms achieved 99.9 per cent kill rate. More information

  AGC/22 aircraft glass cleaner. 1 litre spray.

AGC/22 is a highly effective cleaner which removes all dirt, including bug strikes, water stains and jet efflux, from internal and external cockpit windscreens and passenger windows.

AGC/22 is a powerful, non-hazardous formula which is easily applied with a soft cloth and polishes to a clean finish. Boeing and Airbus maintenance manuals include AGC 22 as a recommended aerospace product. More information

  Visial VDU cleaner. 150ml spray.

Visial delivers outstanding cleaning and antistatic properties and can be used across all standard and toughened glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces.

Visial is used by aircraft and air traffic control units to reduce static build-up across system displays, radars and electronic touch screens. Laboratory tests show a single application of Visial delivers a significant static reduction for seven weeks or more. More information

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