A selection of testimonials from some of our long-term, happy customers:

British Airways

Since 1987, ALGLAS™ have supplied British Airways with AGC/22 one litre non-aerosol trigger spray cockpit and cabin glass cleaner and from 2006 Visial™ CR215 sachets for use throughout their field of operation.

“Following our trials on ALGLAS™ glass cleaner, it will now become an approved product on our aircraft cleaning materials list. I am pleased to say the reports from my staff in London were very complimentary.

There were also similar remarks from people at out-stations who had been given samples at our training seminar”.

Brian Dupe, Ramp Superintendent


“I am pleased to advise that ALGLAS™ AGC is used successfully on British Airways Concorde flights operating at speeds up to Mach 2. We find it an efficient cleaner which readily removes dead flies and other debris picked up during flight and leaves windows clean and clear.”

Barrie Weeks, Development Engineer, Materials and Processes Laboratory

Marconi Industries

Marconi Industries’ testing and evaluation of PCs cleaned with ALGLAS™ Visial™ aerospace products proved that static was reduced from 3kv to 0.2kv and this was maintained for a period of 5-7 weeks without further application.

ALGLAS™ AGC is approved to Boeing Document D6-7127 and appears in Boeing and Airbus maintenance manuals as a recommended aerospace product.

Airbus Industrie, Aerospatiale Toulouse and Sextante Avionique

Airbus Industrie, Aerospatiale Toulouse and Sextante Avionique confirm the benefits of Visial.

“We are pleased to inform you that ALGLAS™ Visial™ cleaners have been tested for use as anti-static cleaners for Visual Display Units (V.D.U.) in the cockpits of our airplanes.”

Douglas Aircraft Company, McDonnell Douglas Corporation

Douglas Aircraft Company, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, has tested and approved ALGLAS™ Visial™ in accordance with Mil-P-25690 and ASTM F484-83 using a type C stretched acrylic material conforming to Mil-P-25690; an uncompromising standard.

Furthermore, from a military perspective DERA has authorised the use of ALGLAS™ aerospace products to the Ministry of Defence (68-147/1), 12 years on from the British Airways’ original ALGLAS™ endorsement.

Rockwell Collins

The cleaning performance of this aerospace product is described as “excellent” by Rockwell engineers

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