Private Jets An introduction

One of the wondrous things about traveling by private jet is the total absence of hassle at the borders if you are flying internationally. Clearing customs and the baggage check are cakewalks. In essence, all yo need is your passport. Private jetting provides you the chance to see the world, unencumbered by the usual “rules”.

No boarding passes, no waiting for flight crews, no commercial routes to adhere to ― however, all the security of scheduled commercial airlines is there. And private jetting typically offers the very finest of in-flight services, including such things as custom flower arrangements, gourmet food, and wines to make a connoisseur grin like the Cheshire cat.

It is helpful to know how the industry works

There are companies that try to sell you on fractional ownership of jets, while others want you to give them $100,000 to buy a debit card redeemable for flight hours .

Many others are nothing more than costly middlemen between you and the charter operators that you are trying to do business with . “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it,” is the proverb of private jetting.

“Historically it’s been a rather ugly business,” says Adam Webster, the co-founder of, an air charter directory. “People generally don’t hunt for the best prices because it’s a status thing.” According to Chris Carlile, a real estate developer from Portland Oregon, “I’ve been chartering planes for years and I’ve tried everything from fractional jets to those card programs to regular old charter operators. The trick isthe more you’re willing to play chicken with them, the more money you can save.”

In terms of cost, private jet chartering makes a lot of sense if you analyze its costs against all the hidden costs of commercial travel. For one thing, on a private jet you eliminate the wasted time and stresses of long lines, crowds, cramped seating, and the inconsistent service that is all too typical of commercial airlines.

You save time by traveling closer to your ultimate destination, often eliminating the need for overnight stays. You trim hours (and even days) off your travel time by increasing the number of cities you’re able to visit in one day. If you have sufficient numbers in your group, you actually decrease the per-person cost by filling every seat in the aircraft.

The comfort and quietness in a private jet’s cabin allows you to enjoy productive time with your colleagues or intimate time with friends or lovers. You can reserve your private jet charter for the time that best fits your schedule. And, you can reach any one of over 000 airports, versus a mere 500 for commercial flights.


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