GUM-OUT Chewing Gum Removal System

GUM-OUT is the solution to your chewing gum problem.

Gum-Out is a unique system for the removal of chewing gum from aircraft carpets and upholstery.

It is a simple, quick and easy-to-use solution for getting gum out fast, with minimum mess and fuss.

Using a simple applicator nozzle, the special formula is applied underneath the edge of the gum wad.

Within half an hour the gum wad lifts easily away. With a little light cleaning the affected area is free from gum and sticky residue.

Gum-Out is used extensively across entertainment venues, transport networks, educational establishments and by large-scale cleaning contractors.

Product Benefits

  • Removes chewing gum from carpets & upholstery
  • Removes all traces of sticky residue
  • Easy to use, safe nozzle application
  • Special 3 bottle kit removes 375 gum pieces

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