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Buying a Helicopter

So you want to buy a helicopter! Why not go online and put in your specifics? You will be amazed at the many websites dealing with helicopters for sale. Not only will you find manufacturers of new helicopters but numerous classified websites with hundreds of ads with used helicopters for sale.

Flying a helicopter is quite complicated. The pilot has to think in 3D and use his arms and legs at the same time. If you are up for learning or already know how to pilot a helicopter then the web is the place to start your search.

If you are a novice you might like to know that there are 3 types of helicopters:

  • The most common type of helicopters for sale is the single-rotor.
  • The tandem-rotor has one motor mounted above each end of the helicopter.
  • The coaxial-rotor has rotors mounted above one another.

Helicopters range in size from two seat models to huge transports that are able to carry two trucks in the cargo hold.

The heaviest helicopter ever manufactured is the Mil Mi26 built in Russia. Weighing in at thirty-one tons it can carry twenty-two tons of cargo.

A helicopter cannot travel a long distance without refueling. The average flight time on a tank of fuel is only two to three hours and it cannot exceed a trip of more than six hundred miles.

The maximum speed is two hundred miles per hour. Faster speeds make it difficult for the blade to rotate.

New, helicopters range from around Two-hundred-thousand for a small chopper with two seats, to a larger, multi-passenger model for about four-hundred-thousand.

The latter has two utility floats for extended flights over water and busy harbors. The floats allow the pilot to land on remote lakes.

Used helicopters for sale vary in size, price and year. It depends on whether you are looking for a domestic or work helicopter or if you desire a used military helicopter.

If you find buying a helicopter is a bit beyond your budget, you might consider leasing one. Some benefits of leasing are: Enjoying benefits of ownership without a huge expenditure.

AOG Maintenance is usually provided by the manufacturer during the lease on normal wear. At lease end there is no further cost obligation.

If you really are in the market for a helicopter there are plenty of avenues for you to pursue. First and foremost, get online, go to your favorite search engine, type in helicopters for sale and hit search.


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