Antibacterial wipes approved sanitiser wipe system

Antibacterial wipes with powerful sanitizer properties
rcba-wipeThe Alglas ALG/RCBA anti-bacterial wet/dry wipe is intended for use as a glass screen and similar solid surface sanitizer and cleanser.

This aerospace industry approved product has been tested for cleansing efficacy using a “adenosine triphosphate probe technique”.

The total cleansing figure on various soiled surface areas exceeded a factor of 95 percent.

The twin wet and dry RCBA sachet was challenged using non-specific environmental organisms for a total of five minutes contact time and the determined kill rate was an impressive 99.9 percent.

This clearly demonstrates that this product when used as a cleanser/sanitiser efficiently removes and sterilises the surface soiling. The end result is a well cleaned and efficiently sanitized surface.

This antibacterial/biocidal system has been specicifically developed to clean high technology headsets,oxygen masks,avionics and instrumentation,telephones and fax machines.

ALG/RCBA is for use by civil,military,land,sea and air forces OR by companies that simply demand the best and most efficient antibacterial wipes available.

Directions For Use:

Sanitize the area/item with the ALG/RCBA wet/dry wipe and remove any residual dampness with the dry wipe.


Store at 32-110°F

RCBA antibacterial wipes user benefits
•Unrivalled aerospace industry approvals
•The disinfecting/sanitization one stop solution
•Non hazardous faa approved sanitizer product
•Simple for your maintenance crews to use
•Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
•Long term shelf life
•Cleaner wipes that possesse excellent antistatic properties
•Non-toxic antibacteria/biocidal surface wipes
•BS EN ISO 9001:1994 standard Efficient worldwide shipping of product

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