Alglas’ Aviation Industry Approvals

Alglas products have an unrivalled number of industry approvals. More than 30 of the world’s industry leaders, including Boeing, Airbus, Thales and Honeywell, trust our products to deliver an exceptional cleaning experience.

  • Airbus Industrie G.I.E., AMS1535C
  • Boeing Document D6-7127
  • The Thales Group
  • British Airways
  • Honeywell, Inc., USA
  • Civil Aviation Authority, UK
  • The Federal Aviation Administration, USA
  • Barco n.v. Display Systems, Belgium
  • BFGoodrich Aerospace Avionics Systems,USA
  • Fokker Aircraft B.V.,The Netherlands
  • Nordam Manufacturing, USA
  • Mercedes-Benz Limited, UK
  • NATO Stock No. 33D 7930-99-811-9359
  • SAAB, Sweden
  • Directorate General of Defense Quality Assurance, UK
  • MOD standard 68-147/1, UK
  • Federal Safety Service of the Russian Center for Toxic Hygienic Research and State Standardization Office of Russia
  • Thomson LCD, France
  • Marshalls of Cambridge Aerospace Limited, UK
  • Lucas Aerospace, UK
  • British Aerospace Military Aircraft Division, Directive No. 1100/28/W13856, Report No. AL/MAT/3993 (now BAE systems)
  • Carl Copper Schmidt, Germany
  • Sextant Avionique, France (Now Thales)
  • Aero structures, UK
  • Aerospatiale, France (now EADS)
  • GEC-Marconi Avionics, UK
  • Marconi Instruments, UK
  • Matsushita Avionics Systems (now Panasonic Avionics Corporation)
  • McDonnell Douglas, USA
  • Rockwell Avionics, USA
  • Smiths Industries Aerospace, UK (now GE Aviation)
  • Swedlow, Incorporated, USA

All Alglas products are manufactured in the UK to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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